Peen Forming and Shot Peening 

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 Almen Saturation Curve Calculator 4.0

 Update: Version 5.0


 Almen intensity for up to five runs and the average is calculated to a degree of precision not possible by other methods. (Submit Data for Curve Generation)


    Manual Identification of Outliers

    Automatic Identification of Outliers

    User Defined Equation

    Default Saturation Point

    Up to Five Data Sets of 20 Points

    T1 and T2 Display or T2 Suppression  

    True Shape of Almen Saturation Curves



Software For Machine Peen Forming of Aircraft Wing Skins           

 Calculates Almen intensities needed to form wing skins and panels to required curvatures. These are converted to working units such as RPM, psi, volts, etc.

 Software output may be saved for future runs or exported in formats suitable for use in programmable controllers.